Meet the Council

Mayor :   Charlie (Earl) Debnam

Charlie has served several Terms on Bittern Lake Council. He is very dedicated to the Village and participates regularly in the Community Hall events. As a long term resident he is very approachable and open to solution focussed discussion.

We continue to appreciate Charlie's calm, steady approach to all situations.  Charlie is truly focussed on making the village a better place for all residents. 

Deputy Mayor: Chuck (Charles) Jarvis

This is Chuck's first term on Bittern Lake Council. However, he is no stranger to the village. He has called the village home for a long time, and historically participated as the Director of Emergency Management.

Chuck's steady observation skills and quiet ability to process all the information has enabled him to be a great addtion to the Council. Chuck has a strong committment for ensuring the village continues to be a great place to reside. 

Councillor: Angela Lorente

This is Angie's first partial Term on Bittern Lake Council. Angie has been very involved with the Bittern Lake Community Association. She continues to be an integral participant in many of the social activities.

Angie is very willing and open to obtain information and apply it  to benefit the village and the community as a whole. She shows promise in becoming a phemonmenal supportive community leader.