Animal Patrols and Bylaw enforcement are carried out regularly by Old MacDonald Kennels out of Ponoka Tel: 403-783-7447

Fences - Permits are not required, however, you are required to abide by certain requirements.  Click here

Fire Pits - We do not issue Fire Permits, however, we do follow Camrose County guidelines as shown on their website. 

Code of Conduct 2018

Unsightly Premises Bylaw 
Pages 1-3

Pages 4-6
Pages 7-10

Noise Bylaw.371

Tax Bylaw 2017 

Tax Payment Bylaw

Dog Control Bylaw

Cat Control Bylaw

Utility Rate Bylaw 04.17

Water & Sewer

Waste & Recycle Facilities Bylaw 01.18

Mastercard Bylaw

Procedural Bylaw 05/17

Urban Hen Pilot Project 2017