Community Association Board Members

President: Melissa Mills

Vice President: Lesa Debnam

Secretary: Bailey Debnam

Treasurer: Angie Lorente

Directors: Pam Cote, James Lorente, Alyssa Debnam, Dale Debnam, Deb McArthur

Village Representative: Charlie Debnam

Historical Society Representative: Louise Lewis

Join us on a Friday night for Darts, come for great atmosphere and fun, check it out!

For Inquiries please contact Deb McArthur at 780-672-2663

Community Hall meetings will held on the first Wednesday of each month.

April 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2015 Regular Meeting
Oct 15, 2014 AGM
Oct 15, 2014 Regular Meeting
Jan 14 2014 Minutes
Oct 8 2013 Minutes.
Sept 4 2013 Minutes.
June 23 2013 Minutes.
June 5 2013 Minutes.
Feb 2013 Minutes.
Sept 2012 Minutes.